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Welcome Zero-Project: interview

Hello World:)
Please join me on this site for interviews with artists and authors, beginning with music artist Zero-Project.
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As an indie author, I am aware that everybody knows the known and famous, but what about those hidden jewels that few of us know about?
Today I would like to take a moment to introduce you to a new artist I have recently had the pleasure to meet, and whose wonderful music has moved my soul. Today I would like to introduce to you to Zero-Porject.

Before we begin with the interview, here is a little bio on Zero-Project: Taken from an interview on Gusli Russian site:

“I was born in Greece, in 1972. I have been playing music since the age of 18 with a small synthesizer. I was trying to play songs that I was already listening; however, the result was always poor.

From the age of 18 to 34 I was playing music rarely, with many and long time pauses, keeping a permanent under-amateur level.

The big change came at the end of 2007, when I started composing and publishing my music on the internet as “zero-project”. I felt responsible, my music was not only in my tapes, but would probably be listened by a small, but growing audience. I was trying to become better day by day, both to my composition and production skill level.

Since then, there has been a music trip that changed my life. I realized that music is the purpose of my life. This is not something I just realized one sunny day; it is something that was growing for many years and finally found the right time to be expressed.”

And now for the Interview…

1. Listening to your music stirs emotions from within; some call it like flying as did Haris Aronis. How do you feel now, when what you thought to be meaningless, is making others’ hearts and soul flutter with a touch of emotion or inspiration?

Considering my music presence since 2007, I realize that a personal expression of feelings, written on a sheet of paper or saved on a disk, is like a flower into the darkness, grown only with the light of the heart of its creator. When this personal expression communicates through a song and is discovered by other people, it grows with the light of their heart, while they are listening to it and they are falling in love with it. When this flower passes from the darkness into the light, it becomes stronger and more beautiful. This is the biggest gift an artist can get: The acceptance of his work. I am honored by everyone who –on his own way- has made me experience this great feeling.

2. Tell me about the new album coming in January 2012, “Untold stories of a Dying Moon”. What inspired this title with a sweet and sorrowful intonation?

“Untold stories of a dying moon” is an album which talks about love, desires, uncertainty and hope; feelings which sometimes are remaining hidden into the darkness and feelings which sometimes are uncovered by the light of the dying moon. Stories of love, life and expectations, stories behind the shadows, are becoming apprehensive under the weak moonlight. Stories that can be told only by the moon…

3. What inspired you as you composed this album? I hear many variations from piano, to classical, even an enigma style going “back to zero”? What is the story behind it?

This album is mainly based on feelings rather than thoughts. Even if it sounds strange to you, I could say that it is an album which expands the passionate expression of “Autumn prelude” in a more dark and dramatic way, through a variety of music styles based on piano melodies. The story behind “Untold stories of a dying moon” talks about a personal point of view on some of the strongest human feelings. It is a wavering trip from passion to reject and from disappointment to hope. The second strange thing I will tell you is about the song “Back to zero”. Although its title sounds pessimistic, its meaning describes the opposite. It is like talking to yourself through the mirror: “Ok, now you are back to zero. It’s time to get up!”

4. Since your first albums “Disabled Emotions” and “Autumn Prelude”, both very sentimental and heartfelt, there is a detectable progression in your music with “Earth” and then “Ambient Symphony”. You have begun including more beats to your songs. What made the slight transition into electro from the classical and soft piano?

This progression is not an one-way trip. Many times, I pass from one music style to another in order to find the best way to express my feelings. From “Autumn prelude” and “Disabled emotions” to “Ambient symphony” there is a progression, similar to the one from “Ambient symphony” to “Untold stories of a dying moon”. In the first case, there is a route from sentimental to electronic music. In the second case the route follows the opposite direction.

5. Which do you enjoy more, the epic and orchestral compositions, or the ambient and electro ones?

I enjoy all of my works, no matter the music style they belong to. I always use the music styles which suit better to my needs of expression. For example, the song “Knights of the darkness” (from the album “Fairytale”) describes a strength that could not be expressed with an ambient or an electronic song. On the other side, the energy of the trance song “Infinity” was difficult to be described with an orchestral theme. Each music style is selected according to the main sense I want to communicate depended on each period of my life.

6. Tell me more about the various singles on your site. Are they a work at random, an album in progress?

The singles are independent songs with no relation between them, except from their music style if they belong to the same category (orchestral, ambient, darkwave etc.). Every single is made under different circumstances and describes different feelings.

7. Last, how do you see the music play in your head before you compose it? Does it come like an inspiration, a dream, a whisper, a vision?

Every moment creates feelings and every feeling can create a song. The feelings are always present in our life; only the incentives are changing. In this way, everything that happens around can influence me on making a song. A few weeks ago, searching on the internet, I discovered by accident a small poem which inspired me to make the song “Appasionata”. I was so moved that I accomplished this song in two hours:

“Old figure
which no longer fits
into this night.
Half of you is missing
and you are hiding your other half
behind the passers’ shadows.
So long has passed since I last
lit such a full moon
in order to make you desire of me”.

(Poem by Pandora – http://mikrokatafigio.blogspot.com)

Thank you so much Nikos / Zero-Project.

Here is a preview of   Untold stories of a Dying Moon, a promising album of beauty, dreams and inspiration. The official release of the album is on January 7th 2012, and the music stores’ release is on January 1st, 2012. Check it out on Amazon.

I hope you all enjoyed this interview and got to know Zero-Project a little better. For more please visit the site zero-project.gr
Watch the interview by Haris Aronis on youtube.com/
Check out the video for A Heartstorm, to the wonderful song “Darkness falls”: youtube/LJGsFnPPmMU

Stay tuned for another video; an excerpt from A Hearstorm, “Silent Peace” a poem played to the tune “Silence” by Zero-Project, to come soon.

Thank you for stopping by:)


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9 thoughts on “Welcome Zero-Project: interview

  1. Bravo to Nikos & Nadina. Nice interview.

    Posted by Ionas | November 23, 2011, 8:16 pm
  2. Gave me a glimpse of the creative process and turned me onto some very good music. Bravo indeed!

    Posted by Sancho | November 24, 2011, 6:11 am
  3. Congratulations to Zero-Project for having attained 2,003,781 listens on jamendo. Please visit, like, and support this artist at http://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/zero-project

    Posted by nadinaboun | November 24, 2011, 10:47 pm
  4. Just released A Heartstorm poetry book excerpt, Silent peace poem, to the beautiful sounds of Zero-Project’s Silence. Watch it on youtube http://youtu.be/5hm3_AMTRyA
    Read and listen to beautiful images too:)

    Posted by nadinaboun | November 25, 2011, 6:02 pm


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