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Introducing Stefano Mocini

Back to Music, for music is life; the echo of the soul that reaches out to touch yet another soul.

Today I have a special guest from Jamendo, artist Stefano Mocini. First I’d like to take a moment and thank Stefano for this interview and for his music. You can hear all of his pieces at Jamendo.

1-First tell me a little about you. You have recently stated that you have passed the university test to becoming a doctor. Was that your dream?

Well, I’m a student and a very simple person: I  spend half my day at the university and when I go back home I relax listening to music, playing the piano or going out with my friends. Surely I have to study very hard and it takes me much time, but I’m happy to do it because being a doctor is my dream, since I was a child, and I hope to became a good one! In Italy you have to pass a very strict test to be admitted to the university, and I spent all summer studying for the admission test, and when I knew that I passed it…I was so happy that I decided to dedicate an album to it!!

2-Your music is beautiful but it is also free. You also share your music sheets with fans, but you have stated that some people were using your music for commercial and profitable use. What made you choose to showcase your music this way?

First of all I’m not a professional musician:I only wanted to share my little pieces. I choose the Creative Commons license because it protects the author’s rights, but also allows the free download and non commercial use; it was perfect! But whoever uses the music for commercial use doesn’t respect the author’s rights (that’s not a question of money because I earn only a few euros per license) and my music could be easily stolen.

3-Your first piano solo album was called “fairy tales” and tells a story through the tracks. These are soothing instrumentals. How long have you been playing music, and piano?

I started playing the keyboard using sequencer audios and computers when I was about 13 years old, (but I didn’t practice much). In fact the first time I composed only trance and dance music. But in the summer of 2010 I bought a digital piano, and began to study and practice with commitment. The first songs weren’t executed well, but step by step I bettered my technique.

4-You keep saying keep dreaming. Share with us another dream that you would like to fulfill?

Every one of us has dreams. There are little and big dreams: the big ones are like “peace in the world” or “the end of the world’s hunger” and so on.These are dreams that are common to  all (or better, should be). Then there are the little dreams like having a family, a love story, friends or a good job. And after that, there are “silly” dreams like being rich. I think that the the Mighty of the earth (like the president of the USA) have to follow the “big dreams” (only because they can do something to make it a reality, because unfortunately the “common people”, like me or you cannot do much but hope and believe in a better world). Silly dreams are for silly people. Real dreams are what really matters; nothing can make you feel better more than every-day things, but often we forget their real value: just live and be happy…and hope for a better world.
But there is also another type of dreams: the dreams of the soul. When you imagine a magical world, an adventure or a fantasy world. This is the dimension of the fantasy where music, poetry and art live. Maybe it seems a little childish, but in every one of us lives a childish soul, but we are ashamed by that, so that we try to repress this nature…the result? We seem like robots, not humans, because in this dimension the emotions are produced. So, I think we have to find the right balance between these two worlds: the reality where we physically live and the dreams where the soul and the emotions live…and music can help us!

5-You have many singles on your page, each with a story behind it. Also your last full album “The end of summer” is a very soft instrumental right before the single “Lakota’s spirit” which is truly a spirit dance. Tell me about the story behind your next project.

All my songs are born from a story (sometimes it is an every-day thing, sometimes something bigger). The next album will be about a curious story: a few days ago I was cleaning the kitchen, when suddenly a strange thought came into my mind: “why am I cleaning the kitchen if I have to dirty it for cooking?  But… if I never clean the kitchen, it will never be clean. Strange…the soul is like a kitchen!”. This an unusual sentence, doesn’t it? More explanation to come when the album will be published (2012).

6-What is your favorite music Stefano? Besides “Back to life” by Allevi;)

I love soundtrack music! And I love Jamendo’s artist’s music: Roger Subirana Mata and in particular his “Shedneryan“. (Very beautiful indeed, almost soundtrack music, I say.)

7-Last, you recently made it amongst the finalists of the jamendo awards 2011, how does that make you feel?

It  was a surprise and I was so flattered! I want to thank all my fans who voted me and shared my music in helping me. They are fantastic! By the way what really matters in my experience on Jamendo is that I have found a lot friends and people who share, like myself, their love for  music, and I have learned lots of things making collaborations (Jazz Friends), but also from the advice of my fans!

8-Stefano grazie per aver dedicato del tempo per questa intervista. Avete ultime parole? molto grazie i buona fortuna.

What can I say? Thank you for this interview and keep dreaming and thanks to everyone who shares, listens to and downloads my music, because music IS a dream!

You can find Stefano Mocini on Jamendo blog and connect with him on Facebook

For now, enjoy a piece by Stefano Mocini, “Heart of Darkness”, also found on Jamendo. (This youtube video by icSja9PK)

And on a final note, Thank you Stefano for contributing to my book video promo: “The Four Letters of Love” book trailer, available February 2012 on Amazon, to track #6- The end of the innocence (The end of summer Album)


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2 thoughts on “Introducing Stefano Mocini

  1. Another good interview, you Illicit great answers from the artists you interview, I especially enjoy the fact you expose new or little known artists to a broader audience. ‘Lakota’s Spirit’ really captures an element of ‘oneness’ with nature. Keep up the good work!

    Posted by Stefan Chevaux | January 20, 2012, 4:44 am

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