Hello 🙂

Nadina Boun here! Author, poet and loving life!

This page is dedicated to my fellow indie authors and to some amazing artists, featuring interviews and maybe more to come, as the blog progresses. Books, ebooks, excerpts, giveaways, book trailers, and many interviews.

You can also check out my author page at nadinaboun.wordpress.com where you will find my books and read my own excerpts, poetry, and watch book trailers.

Thank you for visiting.

Authors helping authors, and appreciating artists : )

*** If you are an artist or an author and would like to be featured on my page, please contact me on the form at my page.

Every person interviewed will have a link to their page under Artist or Author. The only thing I ask is you either follow the blog, or link back to this page.

A little about me:

I am a poet, writer and somewhat of a philosopher. I began writing online for Helium then started my own commonsense-nonesense blog, and since I began publishing, my first book “The thinking man, paralysis by analysis” I have come to appreciate more indie authors and artists. Beauty is all around us, we just need to look, and these days look hard. I hope with this page, I will be able to promote authors and artists in thanks and encouragement.



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