"The rebel, the lonesome warrior and the butterfly." I am a poet and writer. I love music and fiction as well as classic reads from past centuries, yet I am part of the indie author brotherhood of the modern world :) My first published book is a funny satire short called "The thinking man, Paralysis by Analysis".
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Music – Tunguska E.M.S

A continuous supply of fresh music, Royalty free music, by Tunguska Electronic Music Society, is found on Jamendo and at Tunguska grooves site. “The community named “Tunguska Electronic Music Society” was created by several musicians and composers on the threshold of centenary of the Tunguska phenomenal catastrophe, in order to capture the public attention to … Continue reading

Ma l’amore no

I cannot take that song out of my head, so I am sharing it here instead. Supposedly, it is a 1942 Italian song, now taken from the movie “Malena” which I have recently watched. Beware, hold a handkerchief, if you plan to watch it. For lyrics, if you are interested, check the translation. And now, … Continue reading


“Colours” by Emma Hewitt, at ArmadaMusic.TV Lyrics: (from NewTranceMusic) “If you had this time again Would you do it all the same? I wonder? Oh, would I?…. Of the promises we made Is there anything you’d change In the re-runs of our lives? If I could call you for a day Just to hear the … Continue reading

Featured: Jodi Langston

This two week feature is Jodi Langston, author of “Always” and “Nature of the beast” and a member of the Independent Author Network. “Jodi Langston is a Minnesota native with a passion for the written word and the outdoors. She can be found camera in hand photographing local wildflowers and wildlife. She’s spent a lifetime … Continue reading

Interview Break

Introducing some great music by Indie artists … on Jamendo.com First however, if you have read my interview with Zero-project , I would like to let you know that “Untold stories of a dying moon” is already out and can also be found on Amazon Music and itunes for download. His album is currently amongst … Continue reading

Introducing Stefano Mocini

Back to Music, for music is life; the echo of the soul that reaches out to touch yet another soul. Today I have a special guest from Jamendo, artist Stefano Mocini. First I’d like to take a moment and thank Stefano for this interview and for his music. You can hear all of his pieces … Continue reading

Featured Author- Andrew D. Carlson

SCIENCE MEETS FICTION WITH ANDREW D. CARLSON Who is Andrew D. Carlson? Andrew D. Carlson is a scientist who writes fiction.  Andrew received a Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry from St. Olaf College.  He has worked in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry for over twenty years.  He authored two published, peer-reviewed journal articles and holds several … Continue reading

One-on-one with Lori Gordon

Today we have Lori Gordon, author of “State of Panic” among many other stories, as well as a marketing entrepreneur. “When a romantic evening results in a horrific murder, Sierra Montgomery knows she is earmarked for death. Haunted by her lovers dying screams and the killer’s cold black eyes, Sierra has only one choice. To … Continue reading

Welcome Zero-Project: interview

Hello World:) Please join me on this site for interviews with artists and authors, beginning with music artist Zero-Project. As an indie author, I am aware that everybody knows the known and famous, but what about those hidden jewels that few of us know about? Today I would like to take a moment to introduce … Continue reading

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